Monday, November 24, 2008

December PRIDE Lunch (After Christmas)

Hey all! I know we're not even done with Thanksgiving yet, but trying to plan ahead. Are there any plans in the work for a December PRIDE Lunch? I know last year we met in Utah County. I'll be there around Christmas--so I could be to a lunch the Friday or Saturday after Christmas (although please don't plan around my busy schedule!) Anyway...I know this time of year is always tight for wanted to put the word out early :)

Mary P.


Jarin Blackham said...

Mary, that is a great idea! I am off work Friday, Dec. 26th - so I will probably bring my family to lunch. I'm good saturday too.

You ought to create an Event on Facebook (once you know which day and location), then you can 'invite' everyone on facebook - since we have 83 p-stirs on there.


That One Guy said...

It is tradition for us to plan a lunch or dinner around PRIDEsters that come into town from out-of-state... so yes, let's DO plan something around your schedule.

Before creating an event on Facebook, decide if you'd prefer lunch or dinner, and which day you'd prefer... then pick a restaurant and a time.

Then go to town with the Facebook event.

Charity Scott (Bartholomew) just hooked up with us on Facebook and was expressing interest in coming to one... so this will be a great start!

Let us know what you come up with. It will be great to see you!

Anonymous said...

hey pridesters! my brother is getting married on the 27th, so Friday night would be awesome for me! maybe everyone could just bring a treat, to keep it simple, and of course cheap!! i will help publicize it. i can't wait! (i can figure something out if saturday is a MUST but i'm hoping to put my plug in for friday night!) - charity

That One Guy said...

Mary told me she's good for either lunch or dinner on the 26th.

Now we all need to chime in on what would work better for us... for me it would be better to do a lunch.

Mary had suggested Hometown Buffet near Fort Union if we do lunch.

What works for everyone else?

weephun said...

I'll be in town from the 21st through the 30th. I'll try and make whatever get together happens.
-Preston Thorne