Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post-Christmas PRIDE Lunch Aftermath

Despite the entire Great Salt Lake being blanketed over Utah in the form of snow during Christmas day and the day after, we had a great turnout at the Golden Corral.

Attendees included PRIDEsters from 1989 to 1995: Jarin Blackham and family, Jim Remley and family (whose blog we just added to the site), Preston Thorne, Spencer and DeAnn Hale, Mary P. and Jeff Litster.

We had some fun conversations about old times, video games, facebook, blogs, video games, reunions (past and future) and... oh yeah, video games (Sorry ladies! heh.)

Thanks all for coming. It was a great time. We hope that any of you that live out-of-state will let us know when you come to Utah so we can get together with you during a free moment; and that more of the PRIDEsters that do live here will be able to join us on future get-togethers.

Happy New Year, everyone!


That One Guy said...

Thanks for getting pictures up, Jarin! You rocketh.

Anonymous said...

wish i could have come! when's the next one?

- charity