Monday, June 29, 2009

PRIDE Reunion 94-96

Well Jeff summed everything up beautifully! Thank you everyone for your help! It was awesome to see so many people, and to be able to reconnect! Thank you especially to the Committee members: Ginger G., Mindi B., Carly R., Missy G., Brad L., Spencer H., and Anna D. (hope I didn't forget anyone!). Thank you especially to Jarin B. as well for coming, bringing the music, and calling Jeff :) And thank you Donna and Jaci for hosting us at their house! I know I said this there, but seriously, thank you for your support everyone--and you're welcome! It was great to plan---but I couldn't do it without everyone's help and cooperation!

Anyway--will get pics up soon! And thanks Mindi B. and Donna for being willing to send group pics (as I don't think my camera was in with the pile of camera's in order to get those pics!!!)

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