Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thoughts on the 94-96 Reunion

I should let Mary start this post, but I'm going to because I got here first... ;)
(Feel free to still leave your comments, Mary.)

I wasn't able to attend the park portion of the reunion, but I crashed the night party at Donna's house; and I'm so glad they welcomed me there. Despite it not being one of the year's I was on PRIDE, it turns out I had plenty of ties to people who attended (Jon Best, Spencer Hale, Kat Newell, BJ and Cheri Denison, Jack Threet, the Newbold clan, etc.)

I originally wasn't going to go, but Jarin Blackham (who provided the music) persisted in encouraging me to come, and I'm so glad he did.

Mary and the planning committee (forgive me for not knowing who all was involved) did a bang-up job putting together a very enjoyable reunion. It was really fun to sit back and watch as everyone from the final two years of PRIDE watched their video yearbooks from back-in-the-day. It reaffirms to me why Mary and I share the same passion of trying to do what we can to keep the PRIDEsters in touch.

For those of you that missed the reunion, you missed some good times. Jarin provided background music during dinner (the food was most excellent.) One of the PRIDE songs came on and Sonja (sorry, I don't remember her last name) got up and started busting out the moves! It was awesome to see someone remembered the dances! :)

The reunion committee also provided PRIDEster trivia and photo recognition games which were fun.

Afterward, we went inside to take group pictures (as soon as one is uploaded, we'll get it posted here... my apologies, I forgot my camera!!!) The group was having so much fun gabbing together (just like old times) that it was near impossible to sync up to snap the shot. Holding to tradition, we pulled a "1-2-3! Take PRIDE!"

Then we watched a video Spencer Hale put together from the events of the day and "now" pictures of the PRIDEsters; followed by the two video yearbooks from the final two years.

I had to leave after the first video yearbook, so I'm not sure what happened after that. I'll rely on you PRIDEsters that attended to fill in the gaps (make sure to tell about the park event too!)

Thanks to all that came, especially those that this event was important enough to come from out-of-state to attend. It means so much to everyone to see you!

I had so much fun, I'm looking forward to planning a 1991-1994 reunion in the future!

So everyone that attended the fabulous festivities, we want to hear from you! Please share with those that weren't able to come your thoughts and feelings about your experience; and thanks again to everyone both on the committee and those that attended, that made this reunion such a special success.

What was it the video said? "Once a PRIDEster... always a PRIDEster."

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