Wednesday, December 5, 2007

December PRIDE Lunches 2007

Hey gang... Like last year, we'd like to try to do the December Lunch around the Christmas holiday in case any PRIDEsters are in town and would like to join.

I'm thinking sometime between 26 December and 28 December... What do you think? Please comment and let us know; we'll plan accordingly during the business week of 17 December - 21 December. (EDIT: I re-read that and realized it sounded like we were going to plan a lunch for sometime during the week of 17 December - 21 December. Forgive me, I originally meant that we would post the details for the December lunch DURING the week of 17 Dec - 21 Dec. However, we've had a lot of discussion already amongst some of us and we'll be posting the Utah County lunch today and revamping if needed as it gets closer.)

We're looking forward to seeing y'all and extend the warmest holiday wishes to all of you.


ThundrQuake said...

I plan to take those 3 days off work, so I'll be able to work it in. I may even bring the family.

Jered said...

I will be there. Just say a day and time.

Jered said...

Ben Barron will be in town until the 28th.

disillusioned said...

You beat me! I was going to "blog" that too :) I will be in town between Dec. 20 and Jan. 4 or so (barring no major bad weather that stops us in Denver or something). Now, I don't really have a problem traveling to Utah County (barring really bad weather or stomach flu like I got last year), but don't know Utah County really well, so someone else will have to make the food choice. I prefer to not have to eat shark, bugs, or any place that only has really really spicy food :)

Mary P.

That One Guy said...

Ok, we've posted the Utah County Lunch... The Pizza Factory has some spicy food, but I believe Mary will be able to find stuff she likes that won't be as spicy.

If not, Mary, let us know and we'll re-vamp location.

The gauntlet has been thrown to the Salt Lake County folks... get something scheduled! ;)

disillusioned said...

He he--Jeff you're funny. The pizza factory sounds great!