Saturday, June 21, 2008

Utah's PRIDE group on Facebook

So--it's now official! PRIDE has joined the Facebook revolution! There is now a group on Facebook for Pride-stir alums! It's called Utah's PRIDE 1986-1996, and there are already 5 members! So, if you have a Facebook account, come check it out! If not, then create one and come join the fun!


That One Guy said...

I swore I'd not join another social networking site... but I finally caved.

I'm actually impressed with a lot of things facebook is doing. They provide an API for developers to integrate stuff in with their site.

If I ever get time again, I'll look into pulling some of their content for the PRIDE group into this website.

disillusioned said...

Yea--that's why I said "welcome to the dark side" on your page. I swore too--especially after checking out My Space (cause I still don't "get" it), but once I "converted"--I've found FB to actually be better than I originally thought it would be.