Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Post-Christmas PRIDE Lunch

Okay--so the plan currently stands that we'll have a post-Christmas PRIDE Lunch on Friday, Dec. 26th. Meet at 11:30 at the Hometown Buffet in Fort Union (I believe it's off of 7200 South in Murray. I (Mary P.) will be in town--so anyone else who is in town, feel free to drop by! (Oh, and hopefully buffet style will be good for the kids).

Merry Christmas and hope to see you then!


ThundrQuake said...

I'm not familiar with a HomeTown Buffet on 7200 South in Fort Union. There is a Golden Corral at 700 East 7200 South (in Fort Union)

Is that the place you are referring to?


disillusioned said...

Yep--sorry--been away from UT for a long time--so can't really remember.

Mary P.

That One Guy said...

I'm game... count me in

ThundrQuake said...

Ok. I have reserved their enclosed room from 11:30am - 2:00pm. (There is another reservation at 2, so we should plan to be out by 1:45pm).

It is reserved under the name Mary.

Jered said...

I will not be giving you all my gift (croup) this year. Please excuse me from attending.

That One Guy said...

You're certainly excused. Get better my friend! :)

I hope you could still enjoy Christmas some.